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Penis pumps are a very effective and fun way to increase your penis length and girth. Traditional extenders can cause irritation and be uncomfortable over time. Pumps however, always feel great and give solid results over time, while also providing medical benefits.

How Bathmate Hydromax works

The penis pump works by creating a vacuum that expands the skin and tissue of your penis. With regular use and good recovery time between uses (24 to 48 hours), the tissue of the penis will permanently expand. This also allows more blood to flow to your penis – resulting in a harder and firmer erection.

After using it for 15 minutes with a full erection, you’ll see temporary gains – usually around .50 inches in length and .75 inches in girth. These gains stay for about 24 hours, including after you lose an erection and during intercourse. With time and consistent use the gains become permanent.


  • Immediate Results  After using Hydromax for 15 minutes in the shower, I saw gains of 0.50 inches in length and 0.75 inches in girth. Immediate gains, especially in girth and in flaccid (soft) size. Great for using a few hours before sex. This temporary growth will only last for about a day. I’ve gotten to the stage where after I use the Bathmate hydropump, Trojan Magnum condoms would be extremely tight and regular condoms won’t even fit.
  • Permanent Results (over time) – The immediate results will become permanent if you use this device regularly. It’s similar to working out. When you lift weights, your muscles will fatigue and gain size immediately (pump) but will return to normal size after several hours. If you workout consistently, your muscles will grow and maintain the size. Same thing goes for the Bathmate Hydromax because penile tissue is very similar to muscle tissue.
  • Sexual Health – The pump stretches your penis and expands the penile veins, therefore it increases blood flow. With increased blood flow you will intensify your orgasm and increase your sexual stamina allowing you to last longer in bed. Additionally it helps fix conditions such as erectile dysfunction (aka ED or impotence) and premature ejaculation.
  • Safe – Air pumps and traditional extenders can be potentially dangerous. The Bathmate is a water based pump and is very safe. I never had problems with this device even with aggressive use for this review.

Which Bathmate pump to get?

The original Hercules and Goliath were released back in 2009. It has been proven to be very effective and got a lot of media buzz. This encouraged many competing cheap and easily broken rip offs from resellers and on Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Bathmate remains the most popular hydro-pump. Almost every online search for penis pumps will bring it up.

In late 2013 Bathmate introduced two new series in their pumps. The Hydromax X-Series and the Hydromax Xtreme-Series. The new hydro pumps offer:

  • New Gaiters System that provides 35% more pressure power
  • Swivel Gaiters so you can rotate the pump while wearing it
  • New Lock Valve that fixes old leaking issues on the Hercules
  • Hand Pump for more customizable pressure (Xtreme only)

Our recommendation: if you have the funds, getting the Hydromax X-Series is an absolute must. The Hercules is still a very nice pump, but if you choose to commit to this you might as well spend the few extra dollars to get a stronger device that is more comfortable. The Xtreme-Series with the hand pump is a very nice addition for those seeking the ultimate pressure adjustment, but will not get you better results comparing to the Hydromax X-Series since the gaiters used are the same.

Pick the size of the pump depending on your erect penis size (6 inches or more) but keep in mind future expandability. The new X20 is not recommended for anyone since it has no room for growth. Note that the Goliath is the largest supporting more than 9 inches.

Our Results – Before and After

As of today I have been using the Hydromax X40 for 20 months (since November 2013) for 10 to 15 minutes an average of 5 times per week. Immediate results are visible after every use, even when just starting out. The penis will always look bigger (around 0.5 inches) for several hours. But here are my permanent results:


  • Back in 2013, before I used Hydromax I was average (slightly less than 5.3 inches).
  • After 4 months of consistent, I started seeing noticeable permanent results (permanent 0.8 inchesincrease) even after taking a break from pumping.
  • 12 months in, I increased another 0.80 inches (note the slightly slower progress), to a total of 1.6 inches of gains.
  • 20 months in, my total growth has been 2.1 inches. Today my size is slightly over 7.4 inches (7.7 inches immediately after a pump session). I don’t know if my penis will be able grow a lot more, there is only so much my genetics will allow me to do.

The process requires commitment, but it is very fun and enjoyable. I really cannot describe it here, you have to try it for yourself.

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